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Welcome to my DnD 4E Game

This campaign is based on a home brewed map and history.

In the southwestern corner of Marthas is the charred region of Baldar. It is a region that has never known peace. It was named after the Firelord that dwelt in the dark underground kingdom of of Nazrel. A thousand years ago he was deceived by the great black dragon Yrgog, who sealed Baldar in the realm of chaos and claimed lordship of his lands. After claiming his victory over Baldar, he created a new army of demons to serve him, Nazrel became the home of the Tieflings. The tieflings were the lords and high ranking officers but most of all they were the wielders of dark magic. Yrgog, not being satisfied enough as a dragon ordered the tieflings to make him stronger. Five hundred years later the tiefling warlocks casted a ritual upon Yrgog that transformed him into a monster unlike any other. He was now bound to the planet and would be the ruler of Baldar forever.

Word of his transformation spread across Marthas and the many races of the land formed an alliance to somehow overthrow Yrgog. Knowing he was bound to the planet they conceived a plan to further bind him to the just the region of Baldar. Wizards, Sorcerers, and warlocks worked tirelessly to create a seal strong to hold Yrgog. When they finished the seal an army of epic size marched to Baldar, but when they reached the border of Baldar they were met not by an army but an enormous gate with mountains on either side that made a natural wall. It was decided that a great fortress city would be constructed at the gate to be a stalwart defense against anything that came out of Baldar.

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